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Narratives are particular ways of explaining or understanding events. EIP was founded to create informed entertainment that shifts these narratives in the commercial space.   



What we are working on


Written by Amahl Khouri and Hadi Tabbal. Based on a true story and Amahl's docu-play She, He, Me. The film tells the story of Randa, an Algerian trans woman, now living in Sweden via Beirut, who embarks on a journey to find her long-lost son.


Elephants Included Productions is a New York City-based independent company that develops and produces film and television shows. EIP was founded by Hadi Tabbal to create a premier commercial hub for informed entertainment.

Informed - intellectually vigorous - by writers who own their narrative

Entertainment - that which audiences want to watch 

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about Hadi Tabbal

Hadi is a New York City-based actor, most known for his role as Amir on NBC's The Brave, as well as several other TV guest appearances. He was born and raised in Beirut, and has studied, worked, and lived in New York ever since he was awarded a Fulbright Grant to attend an MFA program at The New School. He has developed work with major NYC theater institutions such as The Public Theater, The Atlantic Theater, New York Theater Workshop, and The Lark Play Development Center. He is also a writer and an artistic associate with The Sundance Theater Institute.   


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